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IPE Global Publications | June 05, 2019 IST

Transforming Islands through Creativity & Innovation

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands, a group of picturesque islands in the Bay of Bengal, are blessed with
pristine sea beaches, attractive marine life and a large extent of forest cover with rich biodiversity. In the
archipelago, 14 islands in North & Middle Andaman district, 7 in South Andaman district and 10 in Nicobar
district were reported inhabited carrying a population of 3,80,581 persons (2,02,871 Male and 1,77,710
Female)14. Lakshadweep is another archipelago of India located in the Arabian Sea. It consists of 36 green
islands with blue lagoon, out of which 12 were reported inhabited having the population of 64,473 persons
(33,123 male and 31,350 female)

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