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Why IPE Global > Our Logo

Logo Philosophy

Our logo includes three circular brush strokes representing an incomplete globe. On a first look, they would seem to symbolise our global outlook and presence. But infact, they represent a lot more. The globe represents the earth – nature's marvel of engineering, balance and life enablement. The circular shape also signifies the relationship between cause and effect – culminating in the feedback the loop of learning that is at the core of our values. The unevenness and dissimilarity of the 3 curves point out the inequalities in the world today and highlight our role in reducing them. The logo also displays movement – the earth's rotation on its own axis and our dynamism centered on its values. The curves in the logo are incomplete, signifying much more work needs to be done before we can truly rest.

Finally, the globe represents our tagline,'Expanding Horizons' – for it is because of the circular globe that the horizon exists and 'Enriching Lives' – for we work in a holistic way to affect the lives of people in this world.