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Ashwajit Singh, MD IPE Global features on Bizbuzz

IPE Global | News | June 05, 2019 IST

Ashwajit Singh, MD IPE Global features on Bizbuzz






















Ashwajit Singh, Founder and Managing Director of IPE Global, the largest development sector consultancy firm in South Asia. Priorities should include rationalisation and simplification of GST, expeditions resolutions of insolvency and bankruptcy code, privatization of non-core sectors and monetisation of public sector assets, transparency in land titles and transfers, focus on social sector spending like education, health and skill development and lastly boost in manufacturing and exports.

Policy makers will have to find ways to leapfrog the job creation. Job creation can be sustained only through economic development, he said.

Agriculture which still employs almost half of India’s workforce has also experienced a steady deterioration. Even if the agricultural output increases, it is important that the prices of farm products keep pace with non-farm prices in the economy, Singh said.

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