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Agenda 2030: A bumpy road ahead?

IPE Global | News | August 04, 2022 IST

Agenda 2030: A bumpy road ahead?

What was only a matter of suspicion until a few months ago has been officially confirmed as an unfortunate reality. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Report 2022 has finally revealed the severity of the social, economic and environmental setbacks endured by the world during the two-years spanning the Covid-19 pandemic.


The numbers are said to have been intensified by a multitude of crises in the past two years, be it the global collapse of health infrastructures and supply chains, the unfolding geopolitical tensions in Ukraine and elsewhere or the accompanying challenges along the economic front. With only eight years remaining in the Decade of Action, Agenda 2030 commitments will have to be strengthened across the world to repair existing damages and enable nations to meet their SDG targets on time.


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