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Sriparna Sanyal Iyer Sriparna Sanyal Iyer
Vice President - Urban Infrastructure

Urban Development • Water and Sanitation • Urban Governance • Reforms & Management • Policy Development & Implementation and Institutional Restructuring

Sriparna Sanyal Iyer is the Thematic Lead for Urban Infrastructure Governance & Planning. She is also Team Leader for DFID assisted Support Programme for Urban Reforms (SPUR) in Bihar.

As a Team Leader of SPUR, Sriparna manages the urban teams in leading them to successful implementation of Organisational Development Studies, Institutional Restructuring, Strategic Training Plans and Policy Reforms for Government of Bihar and municipalities. She has extensive experience of working with various donor agencies like DFID, JBIC, UNICEF, SIDA, AusAID and brings in handson expertise of working in Urban Reforms, Policies, Urban Planning, Urban Governance, Institutional Structuring and Organisational Development. Some of the projects she had previously anchored include Reform Action Plans (RAP) for 7 ULB's in Haryana, Yamuna Action Plan Phase II (YAP - II), (JBIC); Assessment of Municipal Corporation of Delhi's Community Sanitation Programme for the Urban Poor, Project Completion Assessment Report for Gangtok - Shillong and South Asia Regional WATSAN Programme, (AusAid).

Sriparna Sanyal Iyer holds Master's degree in Planning specialising in Environment from School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi. She also holds post graduate degree in Geography specialising in Regional Planning from University of Calcutta, West Bengal. She is a Gold Medallist from the School of Planning & Architecture.