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Training Management Information System (TMIS), Directorate of Integrated Child Development Services, Government of Bihar.

Year - 2015 - 2016

Client - Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Department of Social Welfare, Government of Bihar

Project Brief

We are responsible for Conceptualisation, Design, Monitoring Development and Roll- out of Training Management Information System in 64 AWTCs and 1 MLTC across all the 38 Districts in Bihar including baseline data collection, digitisation, validation & migration handholding support




Our Approach

  1. To understand the requirement, we first aimed to gather the information with the help of discussions with all the stake holders;
  2. Based on complete information of requirement, we then prepared concept notes & roll-out plans of the application- based on allocated budget and given timelines;
  3. We then focused on writing the request for proposals;
  4. Bid process management for shortlisting the agency to associate as implementation partner;
  5. Capacity building, monitoring the development of application, resource planning and deployment of resources and deliverables;
  6. Build implementation plan of the developed application and train them to end users for successful roll-out in all 38 districts;
  7. Sign off with a satisfactory report from the Client.

Key Achievements

Our achievements in the review of TMIS's implementation include:

  1. Implement Automated Training Management Information System in all districts of Bihar;
  2. Data digitization and to be available for all officials from anywhere;
  3. Conceptualise the dashboard to provide complete MIS report about the key functionaries involved in this department.

Client Feedback

Pilot roll out successfully done, being rolled out in 64 AWTCs and 1 MLTC in all the 38 Districts of Bihar.


Satisfactory feedback received from Hon'ble Secretary, Department of Social Welfare, Government of Bihar.


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