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Planning for Eco Park at New Town (HIDCO PMU), New Town, Kolkata

Year - 2012 - 2015

Client - West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (WBHIDCO Ltd.)

Project Brief

In the making of New Town, West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (WBHIDCO) outlaid 480-acre as recreational area – called Eco Park. Envisaged with a number of play features for children and adults and a variety of gardens around a lake, the project had a wobbly start but eventually emerged as a jewel in the WBHIDCO crown. Upon repeated failed attempts to implement the original Eco Park plan, WBHIDCO entrusted its design and planning to us.



Our Approach


When we got this project, it had only nine months to deliver. Faced with the time constraint, we, as PMU, gave due consideration to the elements of the discarded master plan: analysed various constraints and worked out a plan for the entire area. Some of these issues were ignored in the earlier Master Plan.
PMU supported WBHIDCO through planning, architecture, project management, civil engineering, ICT, marketing, financial analysis, security services and human resource planning in the making of Eco Park.

  1. The myriad aspects were looked into included the following, among others.
    • Physical planning including planning for pathways, drainage, water supply, public utilities etc.;
    • Eco friendly practices such as use of paver blocks instead of concrete, LED lighting, battery operated vehicles, etc.;
    • Planning and architectural designs for various zones such as Artists' Cottage, Children's Park, Entrance Plaza, Food Court, Eco Island, etc.;
    • Develop feasibility reports for special zones such as Aviary, Underwater Aquarium, Fishing Decks, etc.;
  2. We organised/participated in the promotional seminars, events, etc. We undertook development of all promotional material including inputs for a dedicated website, ticket design, signage boards inside, presentations, newspaper articles, among others. Papers and presentations on Eco Park were developed to be presented at state, national and international stages at Singapore, Korea, UK, etc.;
  3. Since Eco Park was an unique initiative for HIDCO as well, PMU had to come up with policies and rules & regulations regarding every aspect of operations – such as method of engaging third party operators, developing lease conditions, prescribing do's and do not's for visitors, etc.;
  4. PMU also developed pricing policy for all commodities in Eco Park, including for tickets, boat rides, entertainment activities, etc.

Key Achievements

Eco Park was commissioned on 29 December, 2012 and has since become an immensely popular destination on West Bengal tourism circuit with a daily footfall of 3745. Such is its popularity that over 70% of its O&M cost was recovered in the second year of its operations. Of this, 55% recovery came from the sales of entrance tickets.

Client Feedback

The client was satisfied with the inputs and went on to showcase Eco Park in many national and international platforms as a good practice.


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