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Monitor Implementation of the Forest Governance, Markets and Climate Programme

Year - 2013 - 2017

Client - Department for International Development (DFID), UK

Project Brief

In 2013, we along with Itad were commissioned by DFID to provide independent monitoring and review of the implementation of DFID's £250 million, 10-year flagship FGMC programme, which aims at improving forest governance and promoting poverty reduction, biodiversity conservation and climate protection. The programme coordinates efforts with the European Union Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Action Plan (FLEGT AP), as part of a global effort to tackle deforestation and contribute to poverty reduction.

This global programme has been set up to review the failing elements of forest governance in timber producing countries and to address illegal logging that undermines the rule of law and leads to the loss of significant tax revenues through providing market incentives for legal timber. FGMC also supports work in consumer countries to create policies and laws that govern the purchase of timber and other commodities, reducing illegal trade.



The DFID Forest Governance, Markets and Climate (FGMC) programme contributes to improved governance and market reforms aimed at reducing the illegal use of forest resources, increasing government revenues and bringing benefit to the people dependent on forests, including women.


We have an experienced team dedicated to monitoring and evaluation of FGMC's activities. Our objective is to review progress and provide recommendations on how to enhance programme intervention in order that:

  1. the programme remains on target and meets its objectives;
  2. business case risks and assumptions are sound;
  3. there is a review of the validity and rationale behind the theory of change that drives the programme intervention; and
  4. gender is mainstreamed in the programme, and women have a voice in the policy processes.

Our Approach

Collaboratively, we put together a multi-disciplinary team of experts on forest governance, land tenure, trade, political economy, monitoring and evaluation, social development, capacity strengthening and monitoring and evaluation. Our role was to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of this governance and market reform programme through a process of:

  1. desk reviews;
  2. revising the results framework, including refining indicators and target setting;
  3. country visits to understand FGMC's funding contribution;
  4. annual reviews with recommendations for key stakeholders and DFID;
  5. engaging with funding entities to realise the achievements of the fund,; and
  6. preparing briefing papers on pertinent areas for lesson sharing.

Our Achievements

We developed a robust monitoring framework that helps explain the impact of the complex and ambitious FGMC programme to key stakeholders and senior managers.

Our achievements on the FGMC programme include:

  1. 110 country visits made and country reports produced (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Liberia, Guatemala, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Guyana, Cameroon, and Republic of Congo) and 2 EU demand side measures reports;
  2. Semi-annual and Annual reviews based on desk research, country visits and interviews with key stakeholders;
  3. Briefing papers that feed into the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) action plan external evaluation on -
    • Legal Reforms
    • Timber Legality Assurance Systems
    • Multi-stakeholder Processes and
    • EU Demand-side Measures
  4. Gender guidelines on how FGMC should mainstream gender;
  5. A number of programme level as well as management related recommendations related to effectiveness and efficiency.

Client Feedback

"Congrats to the team for pulling together this comprehensive and important report that will serve as a useful reference guide for coordination and priority setting for those of us working with partners on forest and land-use issues in Congo."
Matthew Steil, Senior Manager, Africa Forests, World Resources Institute (March 2015)


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