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Government of Delhi- South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC): Design and Management of Sanitation Systems in Central, South, Nazafgarh & West Zone of SDMC, India (2013-2015)

Year - 2013 - 2015

Client - South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC)

Project Brief

Erstwhile Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) awarded the contract for development and implementation of MSW Management system in Delhi in the year 2005, for the period of nine years. After bifurcation of MCD into 3 corporations, South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) aimed to initiate the process of selection of Concessionaire for MSW Management in its 4 zones.

SDMC entrusted us to design a system for management of Sanitation Services including handling of municipal solid waste in Central, South, West and Nazafgarh Zone of SDMC and assist SDMC in selection and appointment of Concessionaire for implementation of MSW management system.




Our Approach

  1. An experience-based approach for bringing good practices from other countries was applied in the context of South Delhi. The effort shall be to (i) learn from others experience; (ii) to customise and adapt their learning to the unique situations in the country and (iii) service level bench marking and institutional capacity building.
  2. A 'womb to tomb' approach was followed where SDMC was advised starting from the inception of the project to finalisation of the bidder and also support will be provided during the implementation of the project.
  3. Our approach was focused to improvise upon the existing MSW management services within their area in accordance with Municipal Solid Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2000 and O&M requirements as per the Good Industry Practice and also set out by South Delhi Municipal Corporation.
  4. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of waste management activities (Infrastructural as well as Operational) of the SDMC area to achieve the overall goal of preventing urban waste from causing environmental pollution and health hazards.
  5. An integrated approach was followed for the improvement of SWM system in the context of legal frameworks, institutional arrangement, appropriate technology, operational and financial management, public awareness and participation.
  6. Our approach followed based on incentive and penalties system designed for Concessionaire default to improve efficiency and cleanliness of the city.

Key Achievements

Project Highlights

  1. One concessionaire is allotted to each zone
  2. Segregated (Dry & Wet) waste Collection & Transportation.
  3. Collection & Transportation of all solid wastes separately through the different types of vehicles.
  4. Dedicated Resource deployment for different types of colonies.
  5. Calculated minimum resource (Human & Non-Human) requirement.
  6. Modernisation of Dhalaos.
  7. System for Zero waste at Dhalaos/ Open sites.
  8. Maximum use of Fixed/ Mobile Compactor Stations.
  9. Focus on Primary Collection & Transportation.
  10. Different User Charges for selected services.
  11. Double Monitoring system such as Automated & Manual.
  12. Dedicated Complaint Redressal System.
  13. Provisions for Experiments.
  14. Well defined Penalty System.
  15. Involvement of Public.
  16. Project Monitoring System


  1. Different Tipping fees for Different type of wastes.
  2. 60:40 Tipping fee for Primary & Secondary Collection & Transportation.
  3. Annual Inflation in Tipping Fee on basis of WPI.
  4. On Demand paid Services
  5. IT Enabled System- online MIS, Mobile Applications.
  6. Self- reporting System.
  7. Maximum Automated Real Time Monitoring through secured Controlled Room.
  8. Automation of System generated Penalty System.
  9. Dedicated Route Plans for each vehicle.
  10. Recycling Centers for Dry wastes.

Client Feedback

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