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Design & Development of KPI Dashboard for District and Block level Health Facility for NQAS Programme and Maintenance of Website of State Health Society, Bihar

Year - 2015

Client - State Health Society, Government of Bihar

Project Brief

National Quality Assurance Standard developed by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Goverment of India envisaged to strengthen the quality of Health Care services in public health facilities.

The ministry has directed to ensure adherence of the said standard at all health facilities (DH, CHC and PHC). The analysis and reporting is being done manually since its inception in Bihar.

The KPI dashboard will be used for capturing, analysing and representing data electronically with capturing of 30 indicators which is being measured according to the standards.



The objectives of this dashboard are:


  1. To make the system user friendly for users/entry operators;
  2. Auto analyse data that is being captured at facility level;
  3. To represent indicator's analysis graphically on the map of Bihar;
  4. Trend analysis of performance of district/indicator;
  5. To minimise the chances of data-loss;
  6. Easy data retrieval/retrospective analysis;
  7. To map group-wise/indicator-wise/facility-wise/division-wise performance.

Our Approach

Our approach to the project for its successful completion consists of the following key activities:

  1. Understanding the programme
    • Interaction with stakeholders to gather the requirement;
    • Observe and analyse the current processes;
    • Map the various processes and their inter-relationships.
  2. As-Is-Study
    • Identification of key goals;
    • Identification of improvement and/or re-engineering opportunities;
    • Configuration of improvement and/or re-engineering proposals with a value
    • analysis of the same.
  3. To-Be-Process
    • Specification of new roles and organisational structure in detail;
    • Complete description of the new IT system (i.e. implementation plan, inter
    • relationship of different departments and processes etc.);
    • Evaluation and continuous improvement of the design.
  4. Design & development of the KPI dashboard with indicator configuration;
  5. Application testing & user application testing;
  6. Training the key users;
  7. Change management.

Key Achievements

Prototype of the dashboard is developed and demonstrated in presence of key nodal officer, SHSB, Government of Bihar


Appreciated as remarkable initiative by the Nodal officer, SHSB & DFID, UK


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