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Civil and Political Rights Tracking Project, Tanzania

Year - 2013 - 2017

Client - Department for International Development (DFID), UK

Project Brief

Our wholly owned subsidiary, IPE Triple Line, is implementing a three- year £4.5 million project in Tanzania. The project aims to support and strengthen the capacity of the Tanzanian Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) in protecting and tracking civil and political rights. The human rights situation appears relatively stable in Tanzania but some human rights challenges need greater attention and are significant in relation to the UK Governments objective to support Tanzania in reducing poverty levels and become independent of foreign aid.



The Civil and Political Rights Tracking Project objectives are:


  1. supporting LHRC to strengthen internal research and analysis methodologies, knowledge management processes, and information dissemination;
  2. developing a specific tracking methodology to monitor and report civil and political rights incidents and to track and analyse longer-term trends;
  3. improving the ability of LHRC, Zanzibar Legal Services Centre (ZLSC), and their wider network of human rights organisations and activists, to develop research and dissemination strategies for the protection of civil and political rights in Tanzania.

Our Approach

As the lead agency, our approach is to provide project direction and oversight of a team based in Tanzania who are supported by international advisers.

This requires skills in:

  1. project governance and management;
  2. an understanding of the context of human rights in Tanzania;
  3. guidance and advice to the project management team;
  4. direct engagement with the client in Tanzania and the main beneficiary civil society organisations.

Working with its partner Integrity Research, IPE Triple Line’s technical team is:

  1. delivering a gap analysis;
  2. designing a theory of change;
  3. designing a Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) framework;
  4. building capacity in political analysis and reporting;
  5. training and mentoring on M&E skills.

Key Achievements

We delivered an inception report at the end of February 2015 that was highly regarded by the client (DFID) and the main beneficiary (LHRC).

The report:

  1. laid out a clear programme of work for the next three years
  2. identified priority civil and political rights on which to focus and ensured strong involvement of and ownership by LHRC and its network.

We were able to implement the project earlier than anticipated and so far we have:

  1. designed and agreed a theory of change (through a participatory workshop).
  2. drafted a human rights tracking manual.
  3. strengthened communications and advocacy materials (LHRC website) and approaches (setting up a communications and dissemination committee).


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