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Development of West Bengal State Mission for Employment Portal (WBSMEP)

Year - 2015

Client - Department of Youth Services, Government of West Bengal

Project Brief

The State Government has set up the West Bengal State Mission for Employment Portal (WBSMEP) and the Department of Youth Services is the nodal agency for coordinating the various employment oriented schemes being implemented by various other departments. The nodal agency intends to create a web portal which will be accessed by the unemployed youth, training skills imparting organisations, participating departments to enable a better coordination of the schemes.

The main objective of the Department of Youth Services, Goverment of West Bengal, is to co-ordinate various employment generation schemes in the  Government. In order to get ready with the resources, many schemes are being undertaken by various departments. To train, track and manage the trained human resources, the department wants to have a common platform where the unemployed youth including the unemployed youth training centres will come under the same roof for getting end-to-end services. This portal will be accessed by the unemployed youth, training skills imparting organisations, participating departments by using their login information. Authorised officials can monitor and view all types of MIS reports.




Our Approach

Our Approach to the project for its successful completion consists of the following key activities:

  1. Understanding existing process
    • Identification of the stakeholder groups and their inter-relations;
    • Interaction with stakeholders;
    • Observe and analyse the current processes;
    • Map the various processes and their inter-relationships.
  2. To-Be Process -
    • Identification of key goals;
    • Identification of improvement and/or re-engineering opportunities;
    • Configuration of improvement and/or re-engineering proposals with a value analysis of the same.
  3. To-Be Process -
    • Specification of new roles and organisational structure in detail;
    • Complete description of the new IT system (i.e. implementation plan, inter relationship of different departments and processes etc.);
    • c. Evaluation and continuous improvement of the design;
  4. Design & development of the portal and application;
  5. Portal & application testing & user application testing;
  6. Deployment of data center;
  7. Engaging CERT-IN empanelled agency;
  8. Training and capacity building;
  9. Change management;
  10. Handholding support and complaint escalation management.

Key Achievements

  1. Entire documentation (including technical and system study) of the project has been submitted to the department;
  2. Department module, job seeker module, training provider module, nodal department/admin modules and local service are developed so far;
  3. Department wants to sync the application to employee bank portal. Employment Bank, West Bengal is a joint initiative by the Labour Department and the Information Technology Department, Government of West Bengal with active support from the Higher Education Department and the Technical Education & Training Department.


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