Meet our People

Building trust and impacting lives since 2005!

Unconventionally, the first couple of hours on a Monday morning are my favourite because I believe it energises me and boost my productivity

It just seems like yesterday when I joined as a technical solid waste management expert at IPE Global. Having completed more than a decade now, the journey has been both exciting and challenging. There is a sense of gratification and giving to the society through our work across projects.

The most rewarding…

Sense of self-growth and freedom to choose and work based on interest levels.


We celebrate achievements and encourage collaborative teamwork which not only keeps the organisation going but also motivates the staff

Word of Advice…

Trust your teammates, trust your clients. This will take care of half the problems.

Last but not the least…

We are an organisation that delivers more than what it promises. We believe in a continuous professional development of every staff and offer them new and challenging opportunities which provide a truly fulfilling career path in the organisation.