Career Progression is more than just an ebb & flow and, an 8.5-hour shift. We understand the importance of internal training programmes and how they help build staff skills and fast track career growth within the organisation

Learning and Development

Learning harbours development. We believe that the growth of the organisation is a derivative of growth of its people. And, we endeavour to make this possible through a robust an well-rounded learning and development programme that helps accelerate an overall learning curve within the organisation.


Secondment is an interesting opportunity for IPEans to join diverse verticals and challenge themselves professionally, thereby aiding their development, bridging identified skills gaps, and broadening their experience.

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Young Leaders Programme

An initiative to identify the leadership and management skills among IPEans that would build up their skills, enable a fast track career growth and become mentors to the next level of aspiring YLPs.

Internal Opportunities

Aimed to increase internal mobility within the organisation, we encourage everyone to learn new skills and master the expertise they require in their line of work to continuously improve upon existing processes.

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