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Urban and Infrastructure Development

Urban & Infrastructure Development is a dynamic pursuit for prosperity, social, and economic inclusion and mobility of urban residents. IPE Global is at the forefront of local and international technical advisory, planning and engineering services, and implementation support on multi-disciplinary urban development initiatives. Our experts provide innovative, sustainable and resilient solutions to help our clients address their water, environment, waste management, sewerage, and resource management challenges. Our value proposition is in providing unique end-to-end cross-functional service offerings throughout the project life cycle. We recognise that people are at the heart of urban and infrastructure development and that without specific action to programme for gender equality and social inclusion, inequalities can be reproduced and exacerbated.  Therefore we mainstream gender and social inclusion in all our endeavours.  We have enriched our infrastructure project management capabilities by leveraging intellectual capital and expertise, built over the years of presence in the sector.

Anil Kumar Bansal

Richard Slater

Royston Brockman


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