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Brexit may change the aid priorities

With UK beginning a new chapter in its relationship with the European Union as well as the world, following the June 23rd historic vote, the potential impact of Brexit will be felt in the development community too. The vote comes at a time when governments around the world have just agreed to the ambitious 2030 agenda for sustainable development and also finished addressing their concerns on Climate Change at the Conference in Paris.

It is unfortunate that during the referendum debates from both the quarters there were talks of economic crisis, growth, immigration, sovereignty, jobs etc but barely any mention of Britain’s internationalist role. How would UK play a global leadership role in international development outside of the EU? The question was left unanswered.

Today with an urgent need to support developing nations fight poverty, combat climate change and educate children, international aid community needs the backing of member countries like the UK.

The result of the referendum might impact UK’s global role in achieving the sustainable development goals. The European Commission with its 28 member states stands firmly as the world biggest donor group which constitutes half of the international development aid. Up till now, UK had a significant say in deciding the fate of this aid where it could align the money with its international agenda too. It had also extended the geographic reach of U.K aid. But now U.K.’s ability to influence, participate and to benefit from EU policy and programs would also undoubtedly suffer. The dynamics would change now.

Brexit’s impact on Asia and Africa

The recent divorce with EU would likely have repercussions on not just the size of EU’s aid budget but also on what it prioritizes in the coming years in its development agenda. UK aid is already diminishing in Asian countries like India and moving to the continent of Africa. Perhaps one of the biggest impacts of Brexit would be visible in Africa where recently the leaders had agreed to double the aid and let go of the outstanding debts of the poorest countries. But now in the wake of this development, will UK stand up to its commitment. Will they keep showing their support and concern for the peacekeeping mission in Africa?

Not much attention was given to the warnings of Brexit on International development, now it remains to be seen how will the new leaders in coming months embody British values and stay put, on the commitment to the developing nations to help them implement SDGs.

Aid Round Up

World Bank increases support for Bangladesh health sector

The World Bank has approved $150 million in additional financing to help strengthen Bangladesh's health systems and improve its services. The financing will support implementation of the government's health sector-wide programme, Xinhua news agency cited the World Bank as saying in a statement...... Click here

Rs 640-cr project okayed for skill development

The Rs 640-crore skill development project, funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB), will strengthen skill development activities and skill infrastructure in the state. According to official note..... Click here

India to seek Asian Bank funds for infra projects worth $3bn

India is preparing a basket of projects worth $2-3 billion for funding by Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in several areas, including urban development and energy, and has offered to set up an office of the China-backed bank in New Delhi......Click here

Development News Round Up

Nutrition commitments matter, according to 2016 global report

There’s a global economic crisis every year — with malnutrition to blame. Global gross domestic product losses resulting from malnutrition annually are greater than what was lost each year during the 2008 to 2010 financial crisis, according to the 2016 Global Nutrition Report...... Click here

Gates Foundation opens new windows

Stepping up its initiatives to better public health, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - one of the largest private ones in the world - hopes to work with the government in areas of financial inclusion, urban sanitation and sustainable agriculture. The foundation, with an annual outlay of $4 billion..... Click here

Over 50 nations shell out $585 billion on farmers in 2013-15

More than 50 countries, including the US and China together, spent annually about $585 billion on farmers in the last three years and most of it was market price support, a latest report said today. For OECD countries as a whole, farm support has roughly halved......Click here

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