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Welcome to July 2015

Dear IPEans

A sea is characterised by waves. They convey the spirit of the ocean - the free form of its water, the mysteries of its depth and the energy at its core.

Man must have been initially in awe of this marvel of nature and may have looked at it with fear, Eventually, however, it sought to understand it (the lunar pull) and finally learnt to tame and ride it. Just like waves, fluctuations in fortunes of individuals, corporates or countries are also often indications of their depth and intensity.

The choice for us is to either look at them with fear - or to learn to ride them, surf with them, enjoy them. At IPE Global group too, we keep having such spikes and we choose to learn from them, enjoying their presence and reaching heights through them. The spirit of adaptability and learning is all pervasive in our organisation. And this is what our artist seeks to depict in this wallpaper for July 2015.

We stand midway in 2015 - another 6 months remain to realise our year's hopes and dream. I wish you all the best for it.
Best wishes
- Ashwajit Singh

Dear *|FNAME|*

With food security at the forefront and the government of India taking cognizance of any complaints of pesticides, chemicals etc. in the food items. It’s time we also balance the triple burden of undernourishment and ensure organic goodness in food and nourishment we take in.

Are we prepared and motivated to move away from the fancy world of packaged products and eat healthy? Are we taking in the right kind of food to avoid obesity and other health related problems?

The news of the month in this edition explores the subject of food security and India’s current position on the same.

You can also read about aid received from donors agencies and some development sector highlights

Happy reading and be Inspired!

- Rebika Laishram , Kriti Pandey

News Of The Month
Food Safety In India: A pressing issue or a propaganda for popularity?

The one word that has become exceedingly popular in the last month has been the word ‘ban’. Whether it is beef, noodles, chicken or fast food chains, our health sector has woken up to a sudden realization wherein they are constantly probing the food chain and questioning its credibility in terms of nutrition and quality.

Food safety regulators have been closely monitoring the amount of chemicals and preservatives used in all the leading brands, and this of course raises a pertinent question about food safety within the country, and what we are providing to our future generations. Court cases have been doing the rounds and prosecution is being held for corporations who have not adhered to the policy guidelines of nutrition and fair sustenance in what they produce. This in turn has definitely woken up the masses and made them realize that anything packaged does not automatically spell safety’.

But the problem does not stop within the Indian territory, as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recently rejected a large number of snack imports made by well renowned Indian companies due to the excess amount of pesticides, mold and bacteria found within the packaged products. Prior to recent controversies, the presence of pesticides in Indian food and beverage has raised several concerns, but besides media hype and tension nothing concrete has been done to resolve the issue at hand, as it surfaces every single year.

Today, India faces what is known as the triple burden of undernourishment—the synchronicity of insufficient calorie intake and under-nutrition, which prevails in the majority of the Indian masses besides an excess intake of dietary energy leading to obesity and other health related problems.

Evidence from both nationally representative surveys as well as smaller studies underscores these phenomena. While we have done a splendid job of recreating a modern world with the latest food processing techniques and methods, we have lost sight of the inherent need of organic goodness in food and nourishment. While imperative action is being taken by the health judiciaries within this sector, deep seated disagreements persist and block the way forward to a large extent, which can only be resolved once clear guidelines are set in collaboration with all FMCG’s and food regulatory services within the country, which can lead to a safer and healthier tomorrow for our nation.

AID Roundup

India pledges USD 1 billion aid for Nepal’s reconstruction programme

India today pledged USD one billion in assistance to quake-ravaged Nepal for its massive reconstruction programme...Click here

World Bank aid for Cyclone mitigation in Maharashtra

The World Bank has agreed to provide Rs 398 crores for the scheme which is to be implemented nationally... Click here

Bihar to train three lakh teachers with World Bank aid

A total of USD 357 million – USD 250 million provided by the World Bank and the rest by the state government...Click here

Development News

Despite economic growth, world still leaving millions of its poorest children behind: UNICEF

Global resolve to rescue impoverished children from lives of squalor, disease and hunger has fallen short, with economic development in many countries still leaving millions... Click here

Asian Countries Are among Top Achievers on Sustainable Energy Progress

Asian countries are making a vital contribution to achieving global sustainable energy goals, a new World Bank report finds. The report is the second in a series that tracks... Click here

ADB to increase lending to India

Asian Development Bank (ADB) President Takehiko Nakao on Tuesday promised more funding to India and support to the government's reform initiatives. He stressed that ADB is...Click here

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