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Grant and Fund Management

Results-based management of grants and funds is essential for achieving both maximum social change and greatest value for donor money. To deliver this, we provide a comprehensive range of grant and fund management services for donors involved in all aspects of international development.

Challenge funds, grant funds and managed funds are used by international development partners and other agencies to promote poverty reduction and achieve social change, by working with the private sector and not-for-profit organisations globally and in specific developing countries. We work with civil society and enterprise funds that address poverty through empowerment and accountability, service delivery, market systems and value chains. We provide a comprehensive set of services supporting all stages of grant management including designing calls for proposals, appraisal of applications, risk management, financial management, capacity building support to applicants and grant holders, monitoring and evaluation and lesson learning.

We also provide a comprehensive range of grant and fund management services for donors involved in all aspects of international development. We have worked on grant funding schemes financed by a range of agencies in a number of sectors including governance, poverty reduction and private sector development. We have worked for a range of clients including AGRA, DFID, IFAD, SIDA, DANIDA and AusAid/ DFAT as well as foundations such as MasterCard.

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L. M. Singh

Project Director



  • DFID: Fund Manager - Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF), Global (2010-2015)

    The Global Poverty Action Fund, worth £120 million, is a demand-led fund and aims to bring tangible changes through civil society approaches to poor people's lives and address off-track Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through service delivery, empowerment & accountability, work on conflict, security and justice. We have contributed to the evolution of the Fund with DFID in widening the remit and criteria to incorporate empowerment and accountability. We have also helped in defining key terminology for the Fund, which is important for any future work on empowerment and accountability – this includes a clear definition on innovation and principles of value for money (VfM). As a Fund Manager, delivering capacity building support to enable Civil Society Organisations to meet the requirements of the Fund including generating and sharing high-quality evidence and learning. In addition, assessing a variety of contextual analyses, the potential impact of civil society projects on poverty, project design and methodology, value for money, M&E systems and results frameworks, opportunities for sustainability and scaling up, risk assessment and project management and partnership.

  • DFID: Fund Manager - Civil Society Challenge Fund (CSCF), Global (2000-2015)

    The Civil Society Challenge Fund (CSCF) is a DFID grant funding mechanism providing grants to 171 UK-based civil society organisations that work with partner organisations in developing countries. Since its inception, it has supported 526 projects. CSCF was established to improve the capacity of civil society to engage in decision-making at local and national levels, globally. As a Fund Manager, we have been evaluating grant applications, performance assessment of ongoing projects including field visits, providing feedback and capacity building to the organisations on technical issues, project management, civil society and authority partnerships within the project, and monitoring & evaluation. Having being associated with CSCF funded projects over the past ten years, we have gained a deep knowledge and understanding of civil society interventions in empowerment and accountability, worldwide.

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